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We provide beginners' lessons and supervised play sessions offering ongoing support to both beginners and intermediate players for players who wish to improve their game. We also provide a comprehensive lending library for our members. See below for further details.

Beginners' Lessons

The next intake for Basic Beginner Lessons will commence at:

Thursday eveningsStarting 3rd February 2022
Friday morningsStarting 4th February 2022

A printable poster/flyer is available [Here].

For more details and to pre-register your interest, call Denise on 0432838022 or Chris on 0413136435.
You can come with or without a partner.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Improve your play : Lesson and session

Topics discussed will include common mistakes in bridge play, and will also be introducing some more advanced bidding techniques.

This session is designed for members who have finished lessons and wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of the basics which are the building blocks of bridge. In fact as long as you have a good understanding of the basics, you will always find the right contract.

Friday morning
8.45 for discussion of more advanced topics with a 9:00am start for play.
Generally play 27/28 boards.


The Toowoomba Bridge Club Library contains over 150 books and DVDs for members to borrow to help them to learn and improve all aspects of their bidding and play. Studying these materials with your partner should strengthen your partnership and improve your enjoyment of the game. The current Accession List can be viewed here.

In addition to the titles listed in the Accession List, there are quite a few older books that members have donated and some old club VCRs that members may borrow or take to enjoy without restrictions or red tape. These are in the Southern end of the library’s cupboard on the Western wall of the Club rooms.

However, if you do borrow a book or DVD from the Library in the Accession List, you are expected to abide by the following procedures.

Members may borrow items (books or DVDs) from the Library at any time but are requested to:

1. Print their name and date of borrowing on the card corresponding to the item borrowed in the card file. (The card file is kept on the bottom shelf of the Library cupboard.)

2. Return the item within two months as other members may wish to borrow it.

3. When returning the item:

3.1. Enter the return date on the card for the item

3.2. Either return the item to its correct alphabetical position (according to the label on its spine) or leave it lying on the bottom shelf for re-shelving in its proper place by the Librarian.

Do not give an item to another member without them signing for it on its card.

Donations and Purchases of Books for the Library

Members who have books or other items to donate to the Library or have items that they feel should be purchased for the Library are asked to contact the Librarian to organize the donation or purchase of these items or to leave the items or details of them on the bottom shelf of the Library for the Librarian’s attention.