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Playing on Bridgebase Online (BBO)

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We encourage you to play bridge online, and believe that BBO is a good option for you to use.

With BBO you can play against "robots", against people from anywhere around the world, or against other Toowoomba Bridge Club members.

PDF Notes on how to create an account and play on BBO (click on the "PDF" button at left)

PDF A checklist of important skills you need to play on BBO (click on the "PDF" button at left)

Bridgemaster Getting Started VideoBridgemaster Getting Started Video (click on "Movie" button at left)
Bridge Master is an educational program designed to improve your declarer play. The program presents you with a series of instructional deals to play. You are always declarer. The deals are carefully constructed exercises designed to illustrate an important declarer play technique; if you take the correct line of play you will always make your contract. On the other hand, if you make any mistake, the program will always defend perfectly and defeat your contract. A Show solution button is available to explain the correct line of play as well as the thinking process that leads to the solution.

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Playing on StepBridge

We also encourage you to play online via StepBridge.

This is an existing Australian club that is registered with the ABF, which means all the sessions are comprised of Australian players (no robots and no overseas) and you play for green masterpoints.
They also run the occasional red masterpoint session.

When you register you are entitled to play in five regular sessions, and then they ask you to join. You'd have Toowoomba as your "Home Club" and StepBridge as an Affiliate Member (for $5).

You can access StepBridge here